Employment First Preference (EB-1)

Employment First Preference visas (EB-1 visas) are reserved for those designated as priority workers. There are three sub-groups of EB-1 visas.

  • EB-1A visas are for those with extraordinary ability in athletics, education, business, arts, or science. EB-1A applicants must have ample evidence demonstrating that they have attained widespread acclaim for their achievements and expertise.
  • EB-1B visas are for outstanding researchers and professors. EB-1B visa applicants must have international recognition and at least three years of research or training. They must be coming to the United States to pursue tenure.
  • EB-1C visas are for multinational executives or managers. EB-1C applicants must have been employed by the overseas parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of the prospective U.S. employer in a managerial or executive role for at least one of the prior three years.

EB-1 priority worker visas account for 28. 6 percent of all employment based visas each year. EB-1 visas rarely exceed their allotted amount and, as a result, the category rarely becomes backlogged.